ZL-8000S Speaker Cable

The ZL-8000S is Allnic’s first speaker cable which uses silver conductors with existing OFC Conductors. Allnic speaker cables utilize a patented double-bladed spade termination that ensures no loosening for years.

  • Silver with OFC conductors
  • Zero Loss Technology
  • 1000 °C hot melt welding of cable terminations and wire
  • Patented double-bladed spade speaker terminations
  • Optimum thickness of wire
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​”ZL-8000S is the first silver wire speaker cable released by Allnic Audio. The ZL-5000 and ZL-3000 used oxygen-free copper wires as conductors. As you know, Silver has high conductivity. While conductivity of Copper is 100, Silver’s one is 106. However, heavy and low-pitched bass was the weak point of silver wire speaker cables. On this point, Allnic cared. ‘Yes. Existing silver wire cables have a good treble characteristics, but the bass is not so good as the treble. This is due to the fact that the manufacturers, who are too confident about the silver wire, use it with low gauge. So the ZL-8000S uses a high-purity silver wire conductor as very thick. I can’t go into more detail here, but copper wire has also entered. Is it plated? It is not. Inside the PVC sheath, another conductor for damping and insulation was added.'”

from ZL-8000S review of Monthly Audio, South Korea’s monthly audio magazine

Technical Specification
Conductors Silver, OFC
Insulation Silicon, PVC
Outer Jacket Crystal-clear PVC, Pure Copper
Diameter 18mm
Length 2.5m (standard), 3m
Splitter Silver duralumin
Terminations Patented high-tension, Rothium-coated titanium spade lugs

Zero Loss Technology & Mu-metal Shield

Allnic Audio’s speaker cables, power cables, phono cables, and interconnect cables use Zero Loss (ZL) Technology for eliminating audio cable signal loss by minimizing three resistances; Linkage Resistance, Contact Resistance, and Wire Resistance. All of Interconnect cables use Mu-metal as a braided shield. Signal cables use Mid-Range Control Technology (MRCT).

Carved out heat-treated Beryllium copper terminals for permanent contact pressure

Contact resistance is a very important factor in signal transmission. Higher contact pressure and larger contact surface mean less contact resistance and better signal transfer. With traditional bronze, pure copper or phosphorous copper terminals you could not have enough contact pressure nor permanent one. With our carved out, slit, heat-treated Beryllium copper terminals, you have strong and permanent contact pressure for minimum contact loss.

 Allnic’s patented, maintenance-free terminations.

With our patented double blade terminals of speaker cables, you do not need to go backside of your loudspeakers every month to retighten your binding posts. Our double blade terminals not only hold tight against severe vibration of speakers but also minimize contact resistance, so please do not go backside for years. Every termination for XLR, RCA, and banana is split into multi-faces with an inner elastomer core that constantly applies outward pressure to those faces. In case of power cables, Beryllium copper, 4-surface, plate-spring loaded, box-like clips in IEC sockets and for North American style plug blades. Schuko style male plug pins made of beryllium copper split into 6 sections with inner high elastic rubber.

Mu-metal shielding for true protection from EMI

With traditional copper or silver meshed shield, you have not enough protection from magnetic noise. Copper or silver could protect well against electric noise, but very poorly does against magnetic one, because magnetic signal freely penetrates copper or silver. Only Mu-metal (Nickel alloy material) could protect your audio signal from both electro-magnetic noise. Data shows Mu-metal reduces magnetic noise to 1/32 times( – 32dB), of course, it protects electric noise perfectly either.

Hot melt welding

With traditional soldering or clamping connection between terminal and conductor, you have two resistant barriers(solder has much bigger resistance than copper or silver). Our direct hot melt welding without solder connection removes two obstacles on signal path, by melting terminal and conductor into one material.

MRCT®. Mid-Range Control Technology

Allnic considers that an exaggerated, protruding mid-range is the most formidable obstacle to harmonious signal transfer. Allnic’s MRCT uses metal platings for slight mid-range “braking” and heavier wire gauges for low frequency transmission, and controls capacitance to ensure usually evasive superbly realistic high frequency reproduction.

Allnic Audio’s Kang Su Park is a well-respected South Korean vacuum tube designer. To his name and under his belt are many amps, preamps, DACs and phono stages. Yet today’s review is about cables. “So,” you think dismissively, “active cables with valves then?” Not. Mr. Park is a serious engineer, not a jester. His ZL for zero-loss cable line is simply an attempt to apply solid engineering to prevailing signal-transmission challenges. To reduce contact resistance between a conductor and its termination, he eliminates solder and hot-welds at 3’000A/1000°C [right]. This creates a molecular merger and single material at the transition point. With it he claims conductivity far superior to even the best boutique solder. To eliminate not just electrical but magnetic noise for his digital and analog interconnects, he runs mu-metal shielding*, the same nickel alloy which traditionally shields noise-critical transformers like phono step-ups. To improve contact pressure, he uses special heat-treated Beryllium-copper sleeves, double-bladed spades and pins with six pressure slits. He believes those contacts improve grip over traditional bronze, pure copper or phosphor-copper variants. Finally there’s his mysterious MRCT aka midrange control technology. To combat a midrange-centric perspective, Kang Su’s recipe addresses the frequency extremes with a strategic combination of thick gauge (better bass), low capacitance (better treble) and specific plating for a particular impedance (midrange). These then are the core design parameters which he applies to his RCA and XLR interconnects, speaker cables and power cords.

Srajan Ebaen, 6moons

While listening for many hours, I never felt I was missing anything the artist or composer wanted me to hear. The cable is scrupulously honest with information delivery and accurate timbres. And all this under the most refined umbrella. You’ll feel a musical contentment with the Mu-7R that is not always a given with higher priced cables. As such, I count the Allnic Audio Mu-7R RCA Cable as a must audition if your budget is mid 2s or even much higher. A lovely cable and very highly recommended.

Anthony Kershaw, Audiophilia

A few months ago I received a text from my buddy Jim after loaning him one of my Level 3 Refs. ‘How can one power cord make such a difference?’. As I mentioned previously, Paul Speltz of Anticables was kind enough to send me seven ($2300) to satisfy all my components. With them in my system, the resulting sound was far better than my longtime cord mix and match. Yet, I had an even deeper musical experience with only one Allnic Audio ZL-5000 Power Cable. Would you spend $2000 on a component that could add such cleansing to your system? Audiophiles can’t ask for better than that. I’m betting if you try one in your system, you’re buying. Very highly recommended.

Anthony Kershaw, Audiophilia

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