In 1916, Western Electric engineer G.W. Elmen, seeking a material that could be magnetized more easily, developed alloys of iron and nickel that came to be called permalloy. Later, permalloy became important for music reproducing systems. The recently introduced and now famous ‘amorphous cores’ are also based on nickel.

The name Allnic is derived from
All Nickel core transformers

All Allnic’s signal transformers are made with nickel alloy cores such as PC or PB permalloy.

Allnic believes that as a coupling device for amplifying stages, transformers are much better than capacitors. Permalloy transformers are well worth their high cost and difficulty of manufacture, because they transfer over 90% of signal and retain dynamics and fidelity, compared with capacitors and their less than 5% transfer efficiency.

Also, transformer output pre-amplifiers are much safer than capacitor output pre-amplifiers when coupled with solid state amplifiers, even safer than direct coupled solid stage pre-amplifiers, because transformers block any surging voltages to the next stage, surges that can severely damage power amplifiers.

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