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The Allnic sound elicits all the superlatives that can be levelled at the very best vacuum tube designs but with an extra dynamism and sense of life which is rare at any price.

Tube amplifier done right

Spookily natural and ‘at ease’, Allnic equipment removes itself from the mind’s eye and allows a deep and unhindered connection to the music.

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Allnic’s Products

Experience Allnic’s all products, from OTL/OCL tube preamplifiers and cutter head type MC cartridges to ZL(Zero-Loss) Technology silver conductor speaker cables and DHT power amplifiers.

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Allnic’s Technology

Explore Allnic’s all proprietary technologies, from Zero Loss Technology and 61-step constant impedance attenuator to Permalloy output transformers and cutter head type MC cartridges.

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Allnic’s Distributers

Allnic Audio has 18 distributers over the world, including U.S, Canada, China, Hong Kong, England, Germany, Spain, who meet audiophiles and music lovers every day through Allnic’s brilliant masterpieces. 

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Allnic Audio YouTube

Allnic Audio’s K.S.Park tells the easy way of impedance matching between a MC cartridge and a phono amplifier.

Allnic Audio’s K.S.Park tells what the damper of MC cartridge does, why the rubber is used as its material, and why the moving mass is light.

The machine that cuts the grooves at the LP is a cutter head. Allnic Audio’s K.S. Park tells the principle and structure of the cutter head, and the reason why MC cartridge should take the same structure of the cutter head.


ZL-8000S Speaker Cable

Allnic’s first speaker cable which uses silver conductors with existing OFC conductors.

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What reviewers are saying about Allnic

Grover Neville

Part Time Audiophile

There just isn’t anything I’ve encountered that’s quite like this L-8000 DHT line stage.

Anthony Kershaw


The king of Allnic Preamplifiers would be the DHT, but in the here and now the L-8500 OTL/OCL works for my particular situations, aurally and musicallly.

Tom Lyle

Enjoy The Music

The most impressive characteristic of the Rose MC phono cartridge is that it reproduces the essential elements of what makes music sound so good.



A world class and coveted phono stage, the H-7000V is on its way to proving itself another Allnic Audio “FOREVER” product.

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